Month: February 2017

Discover The Truth About How Short Sales Can Help You

If you own a home, and you are looking to sell, then you might have heard about the recent housing bubble, and the subsequent popping. Many homeowners are finding themselves over-leveraged, gasping for air, and looking for answers. Many have discovered short sales as the best way to get out from under the crushing weight… Read more


How to Land a Good Deal With Bank Foreclosures

Are you running out of options when it comes to buying affordable, good quality homes? Here is good news: Buying a foreclosed property or house can be your best bet when it comes to landing a good home for your new family. The increase in the number of homes that have been foreclosed by banks… Read more


How to Do Budget Friendly Renovations for Your New Home

Buying a foreclosed home or property is convenient and affordable at the same time. Since there has been a surge in the amount of foreclosed properties throughout Canada, prices of such homes have gone down to more budget-friendly rates. Now, if you are ready to buy your first ever home, your timing couldn’t be better… Read more


Top Five Do’s When Buying a Foreclosed Home

There are various factors that can lead you to decide that this is the perfect time to buy a new home. You may feel that it’s time to move out of your parent’s house, or that you will soon get married, or maybe you and your family are ready to move in to a better… Read more


How To Negotiate For Foreclosed Property

It is assumed that you have already decided what type of property to buy, where to buy, and how long you expect to own the property. All of these should be understood prior to initiating the negotiation process. First, you must determine the monthly cost for owning the property. This includes principal, interest, taxes, and… Read more