Become a Human Forex Trading Robot

Forex robots are a hot thing right now and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Everyone dreams of finding a robot which can make money for them day in and day out, trading without fear, emotion, or hunches. This is really the main advantage of using a robot: its ability to trade without all the human weaknesses which exist in us all and which cost many traders dearly.

The bad news is that trading with a robot teaches you nothing about how to trade and actually leaves you dependent on some tool you know very little above. The good news is that you can trade similarly to a robot in your manual trading. You can be a human Forex robot.

But what does it really mean to become a human Forex robot?

It certainly doesn't mean that you'll be able to trade for 24 hours a day or in your sleep. You're not a software program. What it means is that you'll be able to make cold trading decisions based on nothing but your sound logic and a trading system you use. What this will do is eliminate your trading anxiety and prevent your human weaknesses from interfering with your logical decision.

Trading anxiety and the human factor are a major part of why so many traders end up losing money on Forex. It's also why traders base their decision on hunches, ride their losses as they deepen and cut their profits much shorter than they should have been. Trading like a robot is crucial for your success.

The way to trade like a robot is to use a complete trading system which can tell you exactly when to trade and when not to, where to place stop-loss and take profit prices, how to manage your risk and your trades. Nothing is left for your emotions to interfere with. Nothing.

You base your decision on the system alone and effectively become a trading robot in a human form. This is how you become a better, more solid, and more effective trader.