FXML Reviews

FXML is an automatic Forex trading software, also known as a robot. What this means is that you download the software, install it on your computer, connect it with your broker, and let it run. The robot trades automatically for you based on its internal models and methods. You don't have to take any action other than that. This is a hands-off style of Forex trading.

FXML trades two currency pairs: the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY. This is why it's called after the USD in the first place. The robot is said to be the result of years of combined research by a group of Forex experts and traders who joined hands to create this Forex trading robot.

The robot is made up of one new trading strategy but also takes into account various popular trading methods which other traders make use of. This allows the robot to work in relation to these methods, a fact that can provide a great advantage in the market. After all, if you know how to deal with what many other traders do, you can better anticipate how the market is going to behave.

In addition to the software itself (which can be easily installed and tested on a demo account) you get various trading manuals including a risk management manual and an emotional trading one. Both these can help you improve your trading skills regardless of the robot.

The reported testing results of the robot appear highly impressive and the robot can easily be tested on a demo account. In addition, this robot has live chat support which is something I've not seen in other robots so I believe it may be worth a try.

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