The Method of Speed Dating Uncovered

What's Out There

Speed dating is very popular among many as a form of finding those that they may be romantically interested in. There are many methods that are used in speed dating from the basic events that are organized to websites and even themed parties. No matter what your preference, there is bound to be an option for you.

Brief History

Originally designed as an event intended to allow single Jewish folks to meet someone and get married, many of the events are now far from being religiously based anymore. The organization that the inventing rabbi was a member of still has a trademark on the words when they are combined into one.

The Rising Popularity

While the first speed dating event to be considered official was toward the end of 1998, there have been a great number of similar events since then. It seems that more and more of these events are leaning away from being religious in background as well. The style is the same no matter if it is religiously organized or not, just some of the religious decorations and such might be removed.

Where it Has Been Portrayed

There are many different places that you may have seen portrayals of speed dating. Everywhere from movies like Hitch on to television shows such as Monk. There was even an episode of The Simpsons where it made a cameo. Since there have been some shows where those characters of a higher class were participating, this may have been something that led many people to think that those of a higher class had this style of meeting people as a preference and that it was the thing to do.

The Basic Concept

The bottom of the line goal of speed dating is meeting the largest number of people possible within the given amount of time. Each person that come gets to spend a very small amount of time with those who might be of interest to them. After this, those who attend the even decide based of the initial impression that they got of each of the people that they spoke to if they would like to remain in contact with them and try to get to know them better. The reason that this works is because people all make lasting judgements of other people from their initial impression. In other words, if a person gets a good initial impression of someone else then there might be a possibility that they can work together romantically, but if the initial impression is not good then that possibility is not all that great.


So, speed dating is an awesome way of meeting new people that was initially for those of Jewish decent to meet each other for the purposes of marriage. After this, the events then gained popularity in ways that were not religious for the same purposes. This was probably fueled by the media. No matter the reason for the popularity, speed dating is now one of the most popular ways to meet people.

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