How to Successfully Get Rid of All Debt

There is a lot of advice out there on how to get out of debt, but is it successful? What is it that generally sabotages our efforts to rid ourselves of the debt monster? And what is it that makes us succeed at some things and not others? Identifying the elements which enable us to succeed at other goals in our lives can help us to determine the best way of tackling our debt issues to ensure we successfully get rid of all debt.

I have been reading a few articles recently on how to achieve your goals. Some are very old school, however the gist of some of the better ones are:

- You need to deeply desire the goal or resolution.

- Visualize yourself achieving the goal.

- Make a plan for the path you need to follow to accomplish the goal.

- Commit to achieving the goal by writing down the goal.

- Establish times for checking your progress in your calendar system.

- Review your overall progress regularly.

Good advice, which I feel can be very effective, when you are dealing with a positive goal - I want to earn twice as much money as I do now; I want write a book; I want to be able to do 100 press ups. The trouble is, what happens when it is a negative goal - I don't want to be in debt?

The thing is, when you have something positive you want to achieve you feel good about it; you feel excited and can't wait to get started. The problem with debt is that you do not feel good about it, it haunts you, it's hard to get excited about paying it off, you just want it to go away. What are you going to achieve by getting rid of your debt? You are going to get rid of those headaches, but other than that it all seems like suffering.

If we could get ourselves to the stage of feeling positive about getting rid of our debt then all the steps above would become effective for us - the problem is getting to that stage. Do you really want to sit down and face everything you owe? Do you really think you are going to feel positive about it if you do face up to it? For most of it, facing just how much we owe makes us even more depressed than we were in the first place!

If you read into how high achievers manage to accomplish so much you will find that the primary thing they do is TAKE ACTION. If you can just take some small action, one that does not severely affect you in a negative way, but over time will actually show positive results, then, once those positive results appear you will start to gain that positive mind towards your debts. You will start to automatically gain the required deep desire to pay off those debts. Once that happens, everything that people say about achieving goals can happen successfully, because your mind is open and positive towards the goal.

So, to be able to successfully get rid of all debt you need to first get your mind into that positive place where you end up with a POSITIVE deep desire to achieve, rather than the negative deep desire to get out of a mess!

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