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How to Find the Best Foreclosure Home Listings in Canada Today

One of the fastest ways for an individual to acquire a house today is to target foreclosed homes listed on the Canadian real estate market. According to the CMHC, there was a decrease of 3.55% in the number of home foreclosures when the December 2016 and February 2017 data were compared. However, this doesn’t take… Read more


Characteristics of Good Online Foreclosure Home Listings in Canada

Fluctuations in the economy, no matter how little, can have significant effects on every sector. One of the most affected sectors in Canada is the huge group of homeowners who are currently paying their individual mortgages under variable rate agreement. In 2016 alone, it was noted that around 30% of Calgary homeowners lost their properties… Read more


Best Tips on Finding Cheap Foreclosed Homes

Foreclosures are still numbering high in today’s Canadian real estate market and are still a popular option for those looking to buy a home at a discounted price. They tend to be similar to traditional home sales, making it a little easier for first time home buyers to purchase. Depending on the neighborhood and how… Read more


So, What the Heck Is a Foreclosure?

What exactly is foreclosure? Foreclosures are when you’re unable to produce your home loan payments. Property foreclosure happens when there is a court action which involves a home loan company, a lender or perhaps a loan holder that tries to get an owner’s home for not being able to meet a debt. What’s real estate… Read more


Reasons Why Foreclosure Happens

There are many factors that can cause foreclosures. As a realtor who has bought foreclosed homes, and as someone who have talked with so many people who owns foreclosure homes and with the other experiences that I have in the real estate business, I conducted a research and I have found out the factors which… Read more


Discover The Truth About How Short Sales Can Help You

If you own a home, and you are looking to sell, then you might have heard about the recent housing bubble, and the subsequent popping. Many homeowners are finding themselves over-leveraged, gasping for air, and looking for answers. Many have discovered short sales as the best way to get out from under the crushing weight… Read more