Review of Russ Horn’s New Forex Equinox System Released

forex equinox

If you are one of the traders involving in Forex trading, then you may be aware of Forex Equinox, a new program developed by the Russ Horn. And if you are anyone else not dealing in the Forex trading then you may be wandering to find that if this program is able to provide the claimed results. Here, on this site, we are going to provide you the detailed review for this program but before starting with the program, let us tell you about the creator of this program.

Forex Equinox is a complete trading and training method that includes a physical product with DVDs, trading manual, access to the exclusive members’ area & forum, bonuses and progress gifts, and weekly live webinars led by Horn to speed members’ trading knowledge.

Mr. Horn has made limited copies of his system available to the public, exclusively through his website here (You need to hurry as this program could sellout at any time.)

Forex Equinox introduction

Forex Equinox is a program that helps the Forex traders (beginners as well as professionals) to find and grasp the best opportunities for them. If you are not doing well in Forex trading then this program can help you to put all the odds in your favor. When you get this program, you are provided with a course that tends to make you understand the currency market. First of all, the concept of the Forex trading is explained to you in an effective and simple way through a series of videos and written guides.

Then, you can continue with the other video lessons which will show you all the steps and strategies that you need to follow for getting success in the Forex Trading.

The lessons are the core of the product in which the users are enabled to learn the procedure and tactics on their own. All the concepts are clearly explained using simple language that even the new comers will get a proper idea about Forex trading. The program effectively explains that how you can move on with the currencies and can add to your income.

As told above that this system is developed by Russ and he has included custom indicators built around the secret of “Market Equilibrium” in this program after testing thousands of indicators. So, you can trust this system without any doubt. These indicators are organized in a perfect way to guide you about the complete process like which pairs you should include in your trade and which exit points will enable you to make large profits. If you want to earn money fast, then this program will definitely help you.

What does the Forex Equinox system consists of?

When you purchase Forex Equinox, you are going to get following components:

Video lessons – The product will provide you with 4 DVDs containing video lessons. Each DVD will guide you about the particular module in detail. After watching those video lessons, the user can realize their dream of making money through Forex trading.

Training guide – The video lessons are accompanied with the training guide. It contains a handbook and detailed instructions to master every step explained in the video. No doubt that training guide is the best thing for those who learn through writing but when you watch all the videos and follow all the given instruction, then nothing can stop you from getting success in Forex trading.

Members Area Access – When you sign up for this program, you are enabled to discuss the concepts with other members of the program. And from the “members only area” of the program you will get a chance to work under the guidance of Russ. This special feature is provided to the participants only.

These three things are those which you will get in the starting but there is far more from this that you will get later. The bonuses will contain explanation, testing grounds and also direct money benefits in some cases.

Highlights of Forex Equinox

• The strategies given in Russ’ system are extremely easy to follow and execute.

• Forex Equinox guides you to the best times that when you should enter and exit a trade. By knowing the perfect timings you will not only save yourself from loses but will also make good profits.

• If you start trading through this program then you would need to make very little start-up investment as compared to other programs.

• Once you buy this product, you will get lifetime membership along with the automatic updates for that period. Along with the provided components, you will also be given the chance to attend seminars, get online tutorials and the plans that will help you to learn the Forex trading secrets.

• It is a proven fact that most Forex traders who follow the Mr. Horn have make profits on everything he does. The online community give you the chance to stay in the company of such people.

• The system has been developed after years of work and is based on the real life experiences of the creator. Thus, there is nothing misguiding about his system.

• The biggest advantage of Forex Equinox program is that the buyers get 60-days money back guarantee. In the case, you are not satisfied with the product you can refund your money from their official website.

How will it benefit a trader?

Since a lot of research has gone into the making of the Forex Equinox, it is expected that the system will be effective for traders who want to stand out from the rest in Forex trading. The system has been designed keeping in mind the common man who needs practical knowledge about working with the foreign currency market so that he does not end up making bigger losses than his original investment.

What a trader needs is a reliable way of making the highest profits and that can be achieved via the Forex Equinox, owing to the number of features it has been designed with.

1. Not everyone is conversant with online learning programs. Most online trading programs would expect a trader to know more than the basics of web-based learning. This restricts the scope of a potential trader in several ways. The complete Forex Equinox system arrives at your doorstep in the physical form. It contains DVDs, manuals and software programs that allow anyone and everyone to learn from it. Hence, if you are not well-versed with online software of trade bots, you can still trade like a pro.

2. Since it involves a step-wise method of working in the foreign currency market, even a beginner can benefit tremendously from this program. The learning curve is not steep yet is highly trustworthy.

3. It is a unique product and will give traders the opportunity to trade with an entirely different system in place.

4. The Forex Equinox program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can choose to return it and your money will be refunded at the earliest.

5. Since you will have direct access to Russ and his team, you can expect your potential to be enhanced with all the professional support you receive.

My Overall Verdict

Forex Equinox is an excellent tool that can provide you the guidance for starting your career in the Forex trading. There is no doubt that the product is good, but you need to put your own efforts in order to succeed. It is obvious, that the software will not bring the instant money to you; you need to learn and follow the strategies given in the program, and then only you will be able to make money in the currency market. It is not the program that will make money for you; but it is your efforts that will help you earn profits.

Only a limited number of copies of Forex Equinox will ever be for sale. Those interested can purchase the program now via the official website, click here for access