Today I learned a lesson, or shall I say relearned a lesson. We all know this, but it’s one of those concepts we hear yet do not apply until one day, when it all clicks and changes you. It is: “Follow your passion”.

So here I am writing! I don’t know why I feel a need to write more; I mean, my friends encourage me to do so which has truly been motivating, and in addition, it’s an instinctual purpose for me, it’s the release, that Feeling, that almost indescribable feeling where you know it’s right and necessary for your sanity. I guess I do know why, we all know why, we know the answer to every question we ask ourselves. Back to point A, it is extremely important to do what you love. That derived energy is a straight boost to your immune system!

First off, my writing is based upon observation, my research, and my truth. By no means, am I a medical professional. Perhaps one day, but I’m sharing this information regardless because it’s one of those things that we should at least hear of.

Passion for me brings that feeling of release, relaxation, and thus a rush of serotonin making me feel all good inside, mentally, physically, and spiritually, literally. That positive wave of energy hitting our reactor sites, is pumping out those T cells baby. If we give ourselves that positive energy, our Thymus gland expands and goes to work to fight off those bad cells, keeping us healthy. The Thymus Gland is also part of our Heart Chakra. When we are happy and creative, a harmonious energy flows, aiding supreme immunological function and optimum health. When our defense system is on point, our thymus gland not only enhances our immunity, but also spiritually governs compassion, inner peace, and the connection to world soul.

To not do your passion is like not feeding your soul, and as a result can lead to physical pains. If we do not harness that positive energy and if we surround ourselves with negativity or stress, that dysfunctional energy will cause the thymus to shrink drastically, thus leading to a porous defense system that will affect every part of us. Unfortunately, it seems in this day in age of demanding long work schedules, time is limited to our passions. Sometimes I feel like we the people are working against each other with the intense labor demands. Maybe it’s just like that in LA. Oh Wait, No, I’m pretty sure everyone is feeling the economic recession.

So what to do when you work two or three jobs? Quit the job? Well, no because this system we live in is structured in a way that makes money a necessity to attain comfortable living. Perhaps, turn the passion into your work? Dingding!?? Easier said than done, but keep it well, ALIVE, because your passion is already your work that you aren’t getting compensated for just yet. A nontraditional way to think of passion, as work is typically seen as “unfun” and well, “Work”. Work is a good thing to have. It’s easy to become downtrodden when work comes up, but, the work you do now will be an asset to your passion and thus you all around! I realized that even though my work takes a lot of energy to socialize for 11 hours a day, I’m not going to half ass my job and compromise my other duties. My work is a reflection of me, and I refuse to be Half Assed. Not a good look.

I believe that work ethic is truly something that will be transferred to your passion as the time we have with it becomes more cherished and valued. The many jobs or work that we have had is like a timeline of skills that have brought new life to dormant abilities, and have given us a knowing-ness, experience, and power within that will lead to our invincibility. Finally, the work we do are guide points among our journey path that will lead us to our life purpose. Exciting isn’t it!? =)

We all got what’s good for us, our passion. It is directly linked to all aspects of our health, so why not invest that time each day to do your work, the work you love, the passion that keeps you ALIVE.

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Jennifer is a blogger, author, speaker, and recovering pageant queen, who spreads hope with her Get REAL approach to wellness. She empowers others to unleash their fullest potential by helping them to see their true beauty and discover their REAL value. Through powerful examples and humorous stories, she helps people to unlock their inherent-self; she guides them to create the kind of lifestyle they will be able to enjoy, each and every day of their life.

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