Are you living your life in motion? You are probably going to answer YES! And then you are going to say… I think? Am I? I think I am… wait, what exactly does that question mean?

Read the stories below and maybe it will become clearer to you. I did a group coaching session not too long ago. I was talking with the participants about the law of Attraction. And explaining that LOA (law of Attraction) wasn’t about wishing or hoping. It was about the vibration that comes along with believing and then.. Wait for it! Taking ACTION. The Law of Attraction has the word ACTION right in it, but it is the step that most people miss. To make my point to the group, I shared a story about a client (who I will never name as that is against the ethics of coaching) Anyway, I told the group about an extraordinary unemployed mom, extraordinary because she is wise, and pretty self aware.

What was missing was her taking action and having real BELIEF in what she was capable of. This woman, was scraping whatever she could get together to afford her coaching sessions with me, as she knew it was time, And as our time together progressed she saw real value in what was happening in her life. What was changing and how she was feeling as she was moving forward. The limiting thoughts that she had, were being replaced with abundant thoughts and confidant beliefs. Within, a few short weeks, she started a business (that has so far exceeded its financial projections), she made time for exercise, a couple of dates with her husband and has landed an incredible sales position, that she really wanted. Hmmm… coincidences? I don’t think so. She decided to put “her life in motion”.

So, it gets better! As you know I am also a sales trainer, so out of that group session a fellow (again name never to be disclosed) walked up to me after we were done and handed me some cash, he said that like the woman I had told them about in the session, he was financially strapped, but it was time, and he sold some things to afford our one on one sessions. He said, I need “one on one sales training, I need to be a better closer” I had a pretty brief conversation and he completed an assessment tool that a lot of us coaches use. After reviewing the results he said “Wow, My life is out of Whack, I am embarrassed to see these results, maybe I need a therapist, it looks like I am pretty MESSED UP” We laughed and I confirmed with him, that as long as he wants to move forward in life, he is in the right place. If he wants to sit in victim-ville then he should hire a therapist, but this wasn’t the case. He also came to the conclusion that the sales training would come after the life coaching, because for him, he knew knowing how to close a sale wasn’t going to solve what was really going on in his life AND..AND… AND he was smart enough to say “if I get the other stuff handled, the sales and commission will come”. OK, So here is the rest of His REALLY COOL story so far.. He chose to make some pretty big changes in his life. In doing that, it allowed him to be around different people than he usually surrounded himself with. In doing THAT, he met a really great guy, who just so happened to be a REALLY AWESOME SALES CLOSER, who just happened to give him some tips. He went to work, tried the tips and BINGO has closed the last 3 out of 3 sales. Coincidence? I don’t think so and neither does he. Is this making sense to you? if you think that having a better life will make you a great salesperson by itself, then I have lost you. That wasn’t the intended message and maybe you’re not ready. That is OK! No judgments here. When you’re ready, you’re ready, period!

So, let me ask you… “Are you living your life in Motion”? Are you in movement to be a better you? Maybe it’s to have a better job? A better relationship? Be in better health? Be a better parent? Friend? Part of the community? Are you in motion? Are you taking action, because I will tell you, if you are! The world will come to meet you. Like the coincidences above (SO NOT COINCIDENCES) it feels like magic. When you are “On Purpose” the purpose that aligns with your core values, the purpose that feels right in your heart, which feels authentic. The world will come to meet you and confirm for you, that you are going in the right direction.

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Jennifer is a blogger, author, speaker, and recovering pageant queen, who spreads hope with her Get REAL approach to wellness. She empowers others to unleash their fullest potential by helping them to see their true beauty and discover their REAL value. Through powerful examples and humorous stories, she helps people to unlock their inherent-self; she guides them to create the kind of lifestyle they will be able to enjoy, each and every day of their life.

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