That’s right, I said it. resurrection. It is time to wake up open all of your senses and really be alive. You are about to awaken from the dead.

You have a purpose and now you are going to find it. Going back to the basics, you will resurrect yourself and be the person you dreamed about when you were little.

All your dreams are possible. You just need to get to the place where you once believed in them, and that is where reflection comes in.

In Hypnosis this is a technique we use to get to where you want to be, believe it feel it and thus move towards it.

Hypnosis allows you, in a timed session, to bring back your sexy, or your swagger, self trust, confidence, worth, or that part of you that once wasn’t so hardened.

It will provide the space for you to be you. To remind yourself of those parts of you you loved but lost. In doing so, you will form a relationship with that person again, and realize the two paths of choice. The one you are now on, and the one you ventured off.

You will be able to see precisely the events that led you to change who you once were. Then you can reflect, with new understanding and clearer interpretation, and almost instantly realize change. It is like a lightbulb moment.

An epiphany.

There were times when you had all that you think you have lost. Go back there. Visit your lost friend. Rekindle your friendship and reignite your flame. Your flame that got snuffed by thinking we are grown ups now and we should behave as such.

What a lot of rubbish.

Take the time yourself, today, to close your eyes and remember that person. The one who was never scared to be real. The one who once was daring and adventurous or fun and funny. The spontaneous one. The centre of attention, the therapist, or teacher. The author, screenwriter, singer or dancer. Lawyer, Doctor, soldier, mechanic.

Go back there. In your mind. Feel it. Remember it and bring it all back to life. Hang on to the positive feelings and let them be your designated driver tonight.

Trust them to get you home safely.

By reflecting on the past you can resurrect your future. Focus on what you want this year. Only what you want. The other stuff doesn’t matter. Let it lie in dormancy where it belongs.

Only you can bring to life the positivity or negativity in your life.

So here’s to you!

Reflect and Resurrect and trust yourself to get to where you need and want to go.

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Jennifer is a blogger, author, speaker, and recovering pageant queen, who spreads hope with her Get REAL approach to wellness. She empowers others to unleash their fullest potential by helping them to see their true beauty and discover their REAL value. Through powerful examples and humorous stories, she helps people to unlock their inherent-self; she guides them to create the kind of lifestyle they will be able to enjoy, each and every day of their life.

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