The fact that I could simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation and continue his research is God’s gift to the world, since I was guided from the beginning to the end. I’m in fact a prophet, and not only a researcher. My work is more complex and complete than the work made by cold scientists.

My obedience was what helped me discover everything I’m teaching you about the importance of dreams and your mental health, your physical health, and your daily life. Nothing from what I could discover was the result of my own speculations. I didn’t decide which road I should follow.

I was following the clues given to me by the unconscious mind in dreams and signs of my reality. Many important facts completed and confirmed the importance of the meaning of my dreams in my daily life, and in many other people’s lives, since I translated numerous dreams for many people for two decades.

Their life biographies and their dreams taught me the meaning of life and death, along with the information I had after analyzing the psychological type and the life biography of those who had died near me. I had to learn the meaning of life and the meaning of death in order to fight mental illnesses. I also had to learn how to put an end to terror and violence before I could declare to the world that I can cure mental illnesses based on the unconscious guidance.

My discoveries prove God’s existence exactly because an ignorant person like me would never be able to discover anything without superior guidance. What I could discover was not something simple, which could be discovered by a regular scientist. The complexity of my research was too vast.

Even if I was a genius from birth I would never be able to understand the complex functioning of the human brain, or how to put an end to invincible mental illnesses without superior guidance, which wouldn’t be based on human suppositions. The ‘human knowledge’ concerning the functioning of our brain as a unit is based on mere suppositions.

Human doctors analyze various parts of the human brain from outside, without understanding the abstract functioning of our brain (besides its cellular functioning), and without understanding the intentions of the various chemical alterations that happen in our brain.

The fact that I could discover how to eliminate the anti-conscience, which generates all mental illnesses within our conscience, proves that when a human being obeys God’s guidance in dreams, this person becomes a genius. I don’t think you believe that I was a genius from birth, since I was neurotic when I started following dream therapy, after making serious mistakes in my life.

A mentally ill person would never be able to eliminate her mental illness and discover how to cure all mental illnesses alone. My miraculous cure and the process of mind empowerment I followed thanks to dream therapy proves to the world that even a mentally ill person can fight a mental illness and become a genius through dream therapy.

I’m clearly showing you the power of your obedience to the divine guidance in dreams thanks to my example. You can become a superior person in your field. Through dream translation you can follow the glorious destiny prepared for you. God is waiting for your decision.

You must decide to pay attention to the messages God sends you in dreams. You also have to obey the guidance you have so that you may see the positive results of your psychotherapy in your own life.

If you’ll be obedient like me, you will reward God for curing your psychological problems. Your example will be a relief for God and for humanity.

Don’t feel discouraged because I had to work very hard for nineteen years before publishing my books and face another battle online, when I finally could publish the results of my long research. My journey was very difficult because I was too absurd. I was practically already schizophrenic like my father. I had to follow a very long process of transformation.

For example, a monster like me had to pass through many humiliations before learning how to be humble. I was very proud of myself, impatient, and demanding. I had the behavior of a dictator. Your journey won’t be as difficult as my journey was if your mental health is in a better condition.

I will forever be grateful because thanks to dream therapy my anger was completely eliminated. Only God knows how He managed to make me calm down and teach me how to be a humble and patient human being.

It was very hard for me to have the behavior of a saint. I didn’t believe I could ever attain this goal.

Today everybody laughs when I tell them that I used to be evil when I was young. They cannot believe that a creature like me once was evil and simply decided to be good. They think that if you are evil you are smart and you’ll never desire to be good because you know that by being evil you have many advantages in life. So, they believe that I always was an angel, and this is why I’m an angel until today, but I don’t think you doubt that I was a barbarous monster when I was young. My story is very common. There are many people in our world who are true dictators like me. I was not a rare example.

Other people believe that I’m silly because I’m an attractive woman and I could be in a top position. They think that I don’t pay attention to the power I could have because I don’t see the possibilities I have at my disposal. They don’t know that I understood that I was a terrible demon and that my appearance was in fact a very dangerous aspect in my life. They don’t know that I’m a victim of many men who believed they had the right to possess me instead of letting me become a hero, because they couldn’t accept my decision.

Thanks to my obedience, instead of being another mentally ill creature in our crazy world, I became a psychiatrist and a psychologist, and I also became a spiritual guide, since I prove God’s existence to the world, and the importance of our religion. All religions are right because each one teaches us a part of our complex spiritual reality.

You have to follow my example, and become a special person, not only because this will be better for you, but because you have the obligation to attain this goal. We depend on your work. Your example is decisive.

You will help God rule our world. God will put an end to craziness and terror because your brilliant example will prove to the world that those who obey the divine guidance in dreams always become superior human beings.

There is no seriousness on Earth. Everyone is a liar. Everyone is selfish. Everyone is ridiculous.

You have to be different. You have to be sincere. You have to save the world with your wisdom.

God wants to transform you into a self-confident person; a truly happy person. You must prefer to follow the evolutionary path that will lead you to perfection. This is how you will achieve brilliant goals.

If you’ll waste your time with the miserable evilness of your wild nature, you won’t be able to reap all the benefits you can have if you’ll transform your wild nature into peaceful nature.

You must prefer to be good. You must seriously decide to pass through the necessary process of transformation of your psyche like a hero.

You have to defend the human nature and prove to God that you exist. You are the human spot existent into the brain of a demon. You must show to God that you are alive, and that you accept following His guidance with gratitude. You must follow your process of transformation with joy, even if you’ll have to suffer many times, because you want to be perfect. You don’t want to be a beast.

As a matter of fact, by following the divine guidance in dreams and in signs of your reality you will always act as if you already were a perfect creature, even before completely transforming your personality. God will show you how to always do what will surely be positive for you.

You will help God transform the monster you came from into a humble, sensitive, sincere, and generous human being. You will help God transform our world into a place of evolution. You will give joy to your creator. You will show to everyone that you recognize and assume your moral obligation.

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