The Wisdom Of Dreams And Our Mental Health

All dreams reflect our absurdity and evilness because the planet Earth is an open mental hospital where God tries to cure our craziness.

We are dangerous rational animals who have numerous absurd thoughts and obsessions. We have to be tamed, cured, and transformed before killing one another and destroying the planet.

There is nothing meaningful in the world we created. This is a crazy world ruled by demons with a human face, where God’s unpleasant commandments have to compete with Satan’s misleading suggestions.

our dreamsThe truth is a complete disgrace. There is nothing human in the human race.

Everyone’s goodness is false because it depends on their interests. Everyone is evil when they want to please or defend their ego. Everyone merely pretends to respect other people’s rights.

Everyone is terrible. Even our conscience thinks like a devil.

Nobody protects the weak and poor. Nobody accepts to have disadvantages or endure their suffering in order to help someone else. Nobody accepts what goes against their will.

There are no exceptions to this rule if we will exclude the rare saints of the long human history. This is why so many people have serious mental health problems, even if they don’t believe that they are mentally ill.

Only goodness can save the humanity, but nobody pays attention to the existence of their spiritual reality. Most people are completely convinced that materialism is better than spirituality.

This is why hypocrisy prevails everywhere, while terror, violence, immorality, and greed decide how everyone must live.

We don’t believe that the obedience to moral principles has practical value. Exploitation and betrayal seem to provide us with more realistic solutions for our survival.

This means that we act exactly like our primitive ancestors, even though we believe that we are superior. The fact that we belong to the modern era and we have many alternatives we couldn’t have before didn’t change our brain.

However, we like to believe that we are very different from our idiotic ancestors. We like to admire our discoveries and inventions, without paying attention to our crimes, wars, corruptions, and lies.

We cannot evaluate our mental condition because our reasoning system is deficient and we are ignorant. The truth is that we are as idiotic as all previous generations. We still think like prehistoric men, besides having access to more information.

The development of our conscience depends on our moral sense. We differ from irrational animals because we are able to respect moral rules. If we don’t respect our moral principles, we have the behavior of wild animals and our anti-conscience becomes invincible.

The commercial world makes us believe that we are very intelligent and we live in order to satisfy our ego because this belief is easily accepted by the selfish population, and it is very convenient for all marketers. However, this is a dangerous misconception.

We are underdeveloped primates that have a tiny conscience, but think like demons most of the time.

We have to forget everything we know and learn everything from the beginning thanks to the information contained in our dreams.

If we will do what we want, we will merely repeat the tragic mistakes of our wild ancestors and destroy everything.

We have to do what God shows us in our religion and in our dreams.

God is our doctor, our teacher, and our protector.