Forex Equinox Review by Russ Horn

Product Name
Forex Equinox
Product Creator
Russ Horn
Type of Product
Currency Trading Software, Videos, Membership, and Guides
Cost of Product
The price of the complete system is $997
Product Description
Forex Equinox is a trader assisted Forex trading program that alerts Forex traders (beginners as well as professionals) by using specially created indicators to find pips on major currency pairs. If you are shrugging to succeed in Forex trading then this program can help you put all the odds in your favor.

When you begin using this program, you are provided with a learning system to help you better understand the currency market. First of all, the concept of the Forex trading is explained to you in an effective and simple way through a series of DVD videos.

Then, you can continue with the other video lessons which will show you all the steps and strategies that you need to follow for getting success trading currency pairs.

The video lessons are the core of the product in which the users are enabled to learn the procedure and tactics on their own. All the concepts are clearly explained using simple language that even the new comers will get a proper idea about the foreign exchange market. The Forex Equinox program effectively explains that how you can move on with the currencies and can add to your income.

The Forex Equinox system also includes one-of-a-kind indicators that are organized in a perfect way to guide you about the complete process like which pairs you should include in your trade and which exit points will enable you to make large profits. If you want to earn money fast, then this program will definitely help you.

After purchasing Forex Equinox, you are going to get following components:

EAD Trading Indicators (EQ Automatic Dashboard) – you could take any position in under 60 seconds, from alert to entry or exit, and walk away with complete confidence, knowing that the EAD software will manage the trade for you.

– It will automatically set your stop loss and take profit levels, so you don't have to calculate anything.

– It will adjust your stop loss should the trade go south, skimming extra pips so even a losing trade could end at break even, or even in profit.

– It will ping you when it's time to exit your trade, so you are always in control of your cash.

The EAD is no robot, but a fully mechanical trading assistant that does all the boring, heavy lifting of trading for you, leaving you to enjoy the excitement of the trade, and the cash.

Video lessons – The product will provide you with 4 DVDs containing video lessons. Each DVD will guide you about the particular module in detail. After watching those video lessons, the user can realize their dream of making money through Forex trading.

Training guide – The video lessons are accompanied with the training guide. It contains a handbook and detailed instructions to master every step explained in the video. No doubt that training guide is the best thing for those who learn through writing but when you watch all the videos and follow all the given instruction, then nothing can stop you from getting success in Forex trading.

Members Area Access – When you sign up for this program, you are enabled to discuss the concepts with other members of the program. And from the "members only area" of the program you will get a chance to work under the guidance of Russ. This special feature is provided to the participants only.

These features are those which you will get in the upfront, and there will be more features to be released later. The bonuses will contain trading add-ons, more trading examples, and ideal trading setups to maximize profits..
Consumer Protection
60-day money back guarantee
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